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Pandora Technology is a Belgian independent game development studio, based in Liège, founded by game programmer Quentin Chevalier and artist François Mauge. With a passion for creating high-quality, enjoyable games, the team of two has been working together for years, honing their skills and bringing their ideas to life through various successful game jams.

  • Quentin, with a background in game programming and experience working at Abrakam on Faeria/Roguebook, brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the team.
  • François, an artist with a background in television production and experience creating trailers for major companies in the industry, brings a unique artistic vision to the game.

Together, they began their collaboration by participating in multiple game jams with a group of friends, but they had always dreamed of creating a commercial game together. The experience they gained from these game jams helped them lay the foundation for their current project, Moons of Ardan.

Now they are creating their first commercial release. For more than 2 years, their dedication and hard work have resulted in the creation of Moons of Ardan, their debut title, a genre-defining city-building game set in space that allows players to expand their civilization across the moons of a living planetary system, also a project with a strong focus on gameplay, fun, and quality.

The game challenges players to grow a small band of stranded Axonauts into a multi-lunar space-faring society, providing an exciting and immersive experience for players.

Game studio postal address:
Rue du Progrès 60
4041 Milmort


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